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<h1>Quirky Amsterdam</h1>

Quirky Amsterdam

In the hedonistic city of Amsterdam anything can seem possible – unusual and weird are somehow the norm. With sex, booze and drugs rife in

<h1>Quirky Barcelona</h1>

Quirky Barcelona

It’s not only Gaudí’s candy-coloured architecture that makes Barcelona one Europe’s quirkiest cities. Around every corner and down every alleyway, the city will surprise you

<h1>Quirky Berlin</h1>

Quirky Berlin

You’d expect grungy, alternative Berlin to have plenty of the quirky and weird and it definitely does. Discover everything you’d ever want to know about

<h1>Quirky Buenos Aires</h1>

Quirky Buenos Aires

Hip Buenos Aires is going up in the world; it’s one city that you can’t help but fall in love with, it’ll draw you in

<h1>Quirky Copenhagen</h1>

Quirky Copenhagen

Cool Copenhagen has really come into its own in recent years with more stylish cafes, restaurants and bars opening than ever before. This means it

<h1>Quirky Madrid</h1>

Quirky Madrid

On the surface, the capital of Spain may not seem as quirky as perhaps its rival Barcelona is, but delve a bit deeper and you’ll

<h1>Quirky New York<h/1>

Quirky New York

One of the most diverse and iconic cities in the world, New York certainly has its fare share of the quirky and the bizarre. Forget

<h1>Quirky Rio de Janeiro</h1>

Quirky Rio de Janeiro

Host of the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016, Brazil’s most famous city is rapidly changing, however there are still many quirky

<h1>Quirky San Francisco</h1>

Quirky San Francisco

There’s possibly no American city quirkier than San Francisco, the birthplace of the Beat movement and home to many weird and wonderful sights and sounds.

<h1>Quirky Stuttgart</h1>

Quirky Stuttgart

Stuttgart may not be high up everyone’s list as a perfect city break destination, but if you’re looking for a quirky weekend away then it

<h1>Quirky Sydney</h1>

Quirky Sydney

You’d expect Sydney to be glamorous, stylish and cool, but quirky is probably something you wouldn’t associate with the city, preferring this label for its

<h1>Quirky Tokyo</h1>

Quirky Tokyo

Tokyo is probably one of the quirkiest cities going, a place where everything is truly foreign – and where you can get almost everything. Vending