Palacio de Sal

This has to be one of the quirkier hotels in our collection – a hotel made entirely from blocks of salt. We bet you never expected to stay in a hotel made from something that sits on your dinner table.

Situated in Bolivia on the Salar de Uyuni salt flats, the world’s largest at 10,582 square kilometres, the Palacio de Sal (Salt Palace) is built entirely from the raw material found there. There was certainly no shortage of the white stuff when building, as the walls, floors, ceilings and even the beds, chairs, tables and decorations are made of salt.

This unique hotel features just 16 double or twin rooms, but far from being rudimentary as one may expect with a room made from salt, all have private bathrooms, solariums, central heating and electricity. Sleep on crisp white beds, benefitting from the splash of brightly coloured bedspreads in citrus shades.

For entertainment, why not have a round at the world’s only salt golf course, a nine hole course designed by Chilean architect Christain Pensu? Here you’ll play on a crystalline salt crust with the incredible backdrop of the vast Salar de Uyuni behind you. Or for a bit of relaxation, try the hotel’s spa, featuring a range of (yes you guessed it) salt treatments. Indulge in salt water and lithium therapies and relax on crunchy salt beds. There’s also a whirlpool, dry sauna and steam room to fully unwind.

This is one place where salt may actually be good for you.

Best suited to:
Anyone with a penchant for salt, from couples, to families and even backpackers.

You should know that:
Even the hotel’s restaurant has a decidedly salty theme, serving up plates of salted lamb, or the regional speciality – chicken salt.


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