Nothofagus Hotel and Spa

Another of Chile’s Huilo Huilo Reserve’s wonderfully quirky hotels is the Nothofagus. As the name suggests, this unique hotel is built in the shape of a Nothofagus tree, also known as a southern beech, which is native to Patagonia. Made entirely of wood, the hotel rises into the tree canopy and blends in with its natural environment, almost becoming part of the forest itself.

Comprising 55 rooms and distributed over seven floors, each room has its own private balcony with spectacular panoramic views out into the forest and beyond. Each room also has its own en suite bathroom with natural heated spring water.

Each circular floor looks down upon the lobby, where a single southern beech tree grows through the middle, towards the open sky above. Floors can be accessed via a gentle circular ramp climbing through the hotel like a spiral or the panoramic lift. This is where eco-friendly meets true luxury with a bar, restaurant and full spa facilities.

Best suited to:
Those who want to be at one with nature with that added touch of class.

You should know that:
There are a number of self-guided tours around the reserve to the nearby La Leona’s Falls, the Trail of the Spirits, Huilo Huilo Falls and wildlife trails to see deer and wild boars.