Harlingen Lifeboat, Lighthouse and Crane

An industrial dockyard may not appear to be the most inspiring place to find luxury accommodation, but never the less we have found one. 17 metres up in this Figee level luffing crane’s cabin you can take control of the joystick and actually rotate your accommodation. With 360-degrees of panoramic views you can choose to wake up to the Wadden Sea, the lighthouse or of Harlingen town itself. This takes remote control toys to a whole other level when you rotate 56,000 kilos of steel to suit your fancy.

This crane’s days of unloading timber freights from Russia and Scandinavia are over. It’s still a steeling looking monstrosity from the outside, but inside it has been brought to life with vibrant colours and retro features mingling in with the industrial pistons to give this experience a truly quirky edge.

The ‘cage’ ladders have been replaced with two slim line lifts to elevate you to higher living. This unique hotel accommodates two people and also features living quarters in the former machine room and control room. There are even mod cons such as touch-screens to operate the lighting and audio-visuals. You won’t be left high and dry here though, with a mini bar, breakfast facilities and large roof patio.

Harlingen Lifeboat

The third in the Harlingen trilogy may at first seem not so quirky. What’s so different about sleeping in a boat? But when it’s a life-saving vessel there certainly is. From 1955 to 1979 this unique hotel served as a lifeboat along the British coastline and now almost has its feet firmly on the ground as accommodation for two.

Join the lighthouse in listening to the sailors’ conversations with the harbour staff, leap about on the water-lily shaped bed and eat breakfast in the external Aft cockpit, while your private captain takes the helm for a two hour trip.

Out on deck of the Lilla Marras, you can relax and take in the view of the harbour and the town whilst contemplating the 45 lives that it saved.

Harlingen Lighthouse

The lantern is no longer in use, but the lights are still shining in this converted lighthouse. Replaced with a table for two, you can watch the ships roll in, and out, through the 360-degree panorama.

And for bedtime listening you can tune in to the ships’ conversations on the VHF radio, as they make their way into the harbour.

It may be your turn to avert a disaster while staying here so let’s hope you have a strong torch.

Best suited to:
Couples who are looking for romance with a difference.

You should know that:
The lifeboat went on 105 rescue operations in its time.


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