Alto Atacama Desert Lodge and Spa

From a distance you can’t see the Alto Atacama Hotel, even though it has 42 rooms, the only thing visible are the rocky red mountains jutting out of the vast desert landscape. This quirky hotel perfectly blends into its lunar-like surroundings and is almost part of the mountains itself.

Situated in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, this unique hotel is built in the style of an old adobe settlement and is made from the same red stone as the desert. Merging into the Cordillera de Sal (Salt Mountain Range) the Alto Atacama looms over this otherworldly scene.

Even though the design may be primitive, the hotel certainly isn’t and comprises all the modern luxuries one would expect from a hotel, including six swimming pools, a complete spa, bar and cosy common room.
Rooms are each fitted with their own private terrace, stretching out into the desert and providing jaw-dropping views beyond, again ensuring that the hotel and its landscape are one. Come out here at night time and you’ll be treated to one of the most spectacular star displays.

Nearby activities and excursions include mountain biking, trekking and astronomy trips. This is one place where you’ll truly be able to appreciate the power and spirit of nature and live within it, in comfort and style.

Best suited to:
Those who want to get away from it all and want to realise just how small and insignificant they are in this big wide world.

You should know that:
The water at the hotel’s Puri Spa comes straight from pure glacial snow and has special revitalising properties.

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